Urine Sample - Dog

Need tips for collecting Urine from your Dog? Urine Luck!!

  • If your dog has a favorite time or spot for urination- this is a good spot to start trying.
  • Keep him/her on a short leash so they remain close to you.
  • Use a low flat container or a ladle to slide under them as they begin to urinate.
  • Place sample in a container with a lid
  • If unable to get to the clinic right away then place the sample in the refrigerator. Be sure to get it to the clinic within 12-16 hours of collection of the sample.

Please answer the following questions:

Have you noticed your Dog straining to Urinate?
Have you seen blood in his/Her Urine?
Is he/she defecating normally?
Is he/she drinking more or less than normal?
Is your pet having accidents in the house
Is your pet leaking urine when awake or asleep?
Is your pet urinating more or less frequently?
Have you recently moved?
Does your pet signal less often to go outside?
Has there been a change in food recently?