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Animal of the Ukraine

Animals of the Ukraine

The fighting in Ukraine has created a very desperate humanitarian situation. Many people have been displaced, injured or killed and it has been very difficult to get help to those who need it.
Animals have been impacted by all this as well. Displaced refugees have carried loved pets along as they escape the fighting; many people have tried to have pets euthanized to avoid potential suffering; humane shelters have been isolated and cut off from supplies; pets have been injured and killed in the fighting as well as people.
God has put it on my heart that we try to do what we can to help. To that end we’ve decided to help collect and donate money to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). The AVMF is the charitable arm of the American Veterinary Medical Association. They exist to help veterinarians help animals through education, animal welfare, disaster relief, and research programs through the grants they give.
In response to the crisis in Ukraine, AVMF is directing and matching a $100,000 donation from Merck Animal Health to go towards helping veterinary and animal welfare groups in Ukraine provide care for pets in need. They are inviting individuals to help add to this total. 100% of these donations go to help those in need.
If you feel called to donate, feel free to visit their site here:
Or stop in our office and donate here. We will match donations given in office to add to the total we collect and give.

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